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St Nicholas Church Montgomery


St Nicholas Church Montgomery


St Nicholas Church Montgomery


From the Church Committee – St Nicholas Church Celebrating the past – Building for the future

St Nicholas Church is developing plans for a major capital project in order to make the church a more useful resource for Montgomery as a community, create welcoming spaces as interpretation for tourist visitors and ensure the building is more user-friendly for our current congregation. We plan to make an application to the Heritage Lottery Fund for around £300,000.

The Church Committee (former PCC) been awarded £3000 by the Church in Wales to further develop its ideas, working with the award winning ecclesiastical architect Philip Belchere. These drawings have been made to help illustrate our vision for the future of the church building.

The drawings, and the survey, are part of our consultation with the congregation of the church, the wider community here in Montgomery as well as local groups and public bodies. Please fill in the questionnaire and put it in the box provided – or you can complete an online version at…..

We want to:- Create a mezzanine structure at the West End of the Nave to include a kitchen, toilet, meeting/history room and storage space – allowing space for interpretation around the church’s history, toilets for visitors, improved kitchen facilities and a more flexible use of the building including concerts and events  

Create a 2 storey independent soundproof structure in the North Transept in order to create a space for both our children’s church work and youth work, and for prayer and healing work both within and outside our services. -

Glaze the wooden porch on the North entrance of the church to reduce heat loss and create a more welcoming entrance space to the building.

West End Nave Mezzanine circa £75,000
North Transept 2 storey independent structure circa £125,000
Glazed Porch circa £25,000
Interpretation/Research and activities £50,000
Restoration work on tomb and wider specialist building restoration £25,000

Context from Philip Belchere, Hook Mason Architects

To ensure continued purpose and relevance it is important for the church building to provide versatile spaces, meeting the needs of parishoners and community. The church is a large structure and the form supports the creation of separate zones, providing flexibile spaces and sustainable use.

The West end of the Nave has been identified as a relatively neutral space which can successfully accommodate essential services without detriment to the current uses of the building. Providing Accessible WC’s, Kitchen, Storage and Interpretation Room with a comfortable mezzanine space over.

The sub division of the North Transept can create a serviced use simply, which can operate separatley to the main church without the need to heat or light the larger spaces during their use. The very high existing space can accommodate a two storey subdivision giving much needed alternative uses.

The philosophy underpinning the design rationale for the re ordering, is to enhance the historic context of this important building, through sympathetic ‘of our time’ structures. Which have been designed with minimal impact and reversibility as a principle, creating essential spaces to ensure the vitality and significance of St Nicholas’s for many years to come.

The choices of materials will be part of the wide consultation, but will be chosen from a pallette to complement the character and historic context, recognising and enhancing the significance.

Detailing is dependant on materials and form but will respond to the historic patterns and detailing of the existing fabric in an appropriate and sympethetic manner, sub ordinate to the significance of the historic building.

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Consultation ends August 29th

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This link takes you to an external site where you can fill in a questionnaire. Information will be gathered and processed to help us make the right choice

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